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Play With The Band is an exciting new way to learn to play an instrument. Learn on your own or in a band, using our extensive library of multitrack songs.

When it comes to practice
It doesn’t get much better than this
Slow it down, learn it, Play With The Band

Practice your part on your own
Be note perfect in rehearsal
Use for live performance

Import stems
Send to musicians
Use live
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Download your favourite songs from our extensive SessionPlayer library

Create a set list

Generate a mix unique to your needs

Learn the parts, solo, loop,
Change tempo and key

Play with your friends and with the Band

Extensive library with regular additions

With over 500 of the greatest hits of all time, there is always something to excite and inspire you. Top quality covers produced, recorded and performed by professionals in convenient SessionPlayer multitrack format.

If you have any ideas or requests for our library please contact us here. We are fully legal and licensed.

iPhone App

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Download our mobile and tablet version of the SessionPlayer. Quick, flexible, any place, any time app, with the most powerful features of the desktop. Simple, convenient and included as part of the package. Take into the rehearsal room or use live. Just download, login and away you go.

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Multiple stems,
Stereo output

All tracks come in SessionPlayer multitrack format. You have control over each of the instruments in the band. Turn off the vocals; turn down the guitar and save the mix.

Covers bands – why not create separate mixes for the drummer with extra loud click tracks and have a different mix for everyone else? The possibilities are endless.

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Slow it down, speed it up, change key

Need to nail the part? Want to do a more laid back version of your favourite song? Simply press the button and slow the track down. The SessionPlayer software maintains the same pitch. Is the song too low for you? Simply increase the key in semi-tone steps.
It’s so easy!


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